keeping the richmond river catchment waterways clean

The Richmond River catchment is home to beautiful beaches and scenic rivers but sadly everyday behaviours are negatively affecting the waterways we love. Councils within the Richmond River catchment have joined forces to highlight some of these issues and offer some solutions.

These three stories highlight how bad habits are doing more damage than we realise and now is the time to love it or lose it. Making positive changes in your backyard, business or on the land will ensure future generations can continue to enjoy clean drinking water, healthy fish and beautiful waterways.

keep our waterways clean
- at home and work

Our gutters and drains are all part of a large stormwater system. When it rains, stormwater runoff from around our streets and homes can wash dirt, litter, pollutants and other nasty things into our waterways. In most cases, stormwater is not treated, which means everything going down stormwater drains flows directly from streets and gutters into waterways where fish, frogs and other precious aquatic animals and plants live. With your help, we can keep our precious waterways clean and healthy by stopping pollution entering our gutters and drains in the first place.

keep our waterways clean
- on the land

There’s nothing a farmer likes more than a good rain shower but in our climate we sometimes get more than a shower! This generates runoff. Rural runoff is stormwater that moves across our landscape through fields and natural areas after it rains. This is a natural part of the water cycle. Good land management means clean water and healthy rivers. Poor land management allows weed seeds, soil, litter, nutrients (such as poo and fertiliser) and other pollutants to be washed into our waterways. Often, this can have severe effects downstream. Using good land management practices on rural land is one way to help keep our rivers and waterways clean for future generations.

help save water

Watering the garden, taking a shower and getting a glass of water are all daily activities that are easy to take for granted. But water is precious and vital for our survival. Drinking water is especially precious and we all have a responsibility to help conserve and protect it. To use water more wisely in your home or business it is important we aware of our water usage patterns. With just a few simple changes, like installing a rainwater tank or using recycled water, you can help our local Richmond River catchment conserve precious drinking water.

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The Love it or Lose it campaign is a collaboration between Ballina Shire Council, Lismore City Council, Kyogle Council, Rous County Council, Richmond Valley Council and North Coast Local Land Services.

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.